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ABUNDANCEXPERIENCE is an online personal development course focused on the various ways to achieve abundance in the key aspects of life: health, finance, quality of life, personal relationships, family, friendship and social networking, harmony with our Mother Earth, personal development and spiritual elevation.

ABUNDANCEXPERIENCE brings together 10 renowned experts, well-known as online bloggers, all of whom have achieved a high level of abundance in their lives and the desire to share their knowledge with others.


The online course is made of 40 videos (each expert realizing 4 videos on their core expertise) and several interviews and live discussions between the  experts.


The online course is naturally promoted by the wide range of followers of the 10 experts (a total of around 30 million followers).


As part of the spiritual commitment to the planet, ABUNDANCEXPERIENCE will contribute 7% of online course profits to reputed nonprofit organizations in reforestation across the globe.  



How can I learn and practice abundance through ABUNDANCEXPERIENCE?

All 10 specialists open the doors to powerful knowledge, advising you through 4 short videos, each including practical exercises for you to perfect your newly acquired skills. A short explanatory text accompanies the video and offers an additional exercise.  

Each of the 10 specialist participate in two interviews with one of the other specialists to deepen the subject of abundance.

At ABUNDANCEXPERIENCE, will I benefit from interaction with the experts?

Special online “lives” are organized with the 10 specialists, who will answer your questions and explore certain themes.

At ABUNDANCEXPERIENCE, will I receive personalized support and coaching throughout my journey?

You will be accompanied by an advisor trained to support you throughout your journey. Your coach is a professional, here to support you on a daily basis: monitoring your progress, organizing a daily exercise, responding to your questions and needs.

Here at ABUNDANCEXPERIENCE, updates will be coming soon on this website.


Meanwhile, our team is here to answer your queries:

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