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Edouard Brault

Edouard launched in 2011 a groundbreaking energy coaching technique, Energy Performance, based on what is now 26 years of experience and knowledge of the personal development industry. Since, Edouard has worked closely with top level athletes in a range of sporting disciplines, of which some broke international records during their work together.


Edouard has totalled more than 12,000 private working sessions with clients, including billionaires, industry leaders, group founders, banking sector CEOs as well as international artists such as Kylie Minogue, Jack Nicholson, Naomi Watts. Edouard has been the keynote speaker in 100+ public trainings. A prolific author, Edouard has recently launched the “Become an Energy Millionaire” online course and has published his book “The Millionaire of Light” in Russian, soon to be published in French and English.

Edouard’s passion is to help individuals to discover their limitless abilities and enjoy boundless happiness and success.

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Thierry Klemeniuk
Thierry Klemeniuk is a successful public relations personality living between Los Angeles and Paris. An experienced entrepreneur with expertise in technology, environment and lifestyle, Thierry Klemeniuk has extensive experience in European and US bilateral venture capital, public relations and positive impact projects.
Well-connected with the media industry’s global elite, Thierry has maintained close associations with some of the world’s leading celebrities including Leonardo DiCaprio, Sean Penn, Spike Lee, Bono, Jack Nicholson and many others. Klemeniuk served as Executive Director of the Paris Film Festival. Today Klemeniuk leads TK USA Development with ongoing initiatives in data Technology for Good keep him at the forefront of leading projects in environmental funding and entrepreneurship. 
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Daniel Stoll

Daniel is an executive experienced with visionary software development skills who has developed numerous international software companies, accompanying them throughout the various stages.

He has held executive design positions at data flow, online software and payment solutions companies including Expertus, Axway and Systar. He is involved in the Montreal startup ecosystem, as an expert advisor for start-ups Go-To-Market and Data Storytelling, while mentoring start-up entrepreneurs at District 3, Fintech Cadence and Holt Accelerator.

With a passion for the design and development of innovative products, Daniel brings alternative vision perspectives to find complementary or new talents, opening paths to success in innovative, ground-breaking ways.

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